Internship opportunities for College Students

If your degree is in science, technology or economics, we can provide you with opportunities for voluntary and non compulsory internships to help you accumulate valuable practical work experience. As an intern, you will be trained by experienced experts;

In addition, Tian Sheng will provide you with certain remuneration according to your qualifications and academic achievements in relevant fields. We can also provide accommodation for you.

If you are interested, you can apply for the position in the application list according to your major. Please provide:

1. Resume

2. Specific time you want to work in Tiansheng (for non compulsory internship, the maximum time is 3 months)

3. Information about exam regulations

4. Copies of certificates, graduation certificates and degree certificates obtained

5. Information about internships you have participated in

Tiansheng will provide necessary labor training and protection measures. Please consider your own conditions and risks when applying.